He’s done with elementary school

Yesterday, Ian had his graduation ceremony for elementary school. It’s somewhat hard to believe the years have gone by this quickly. It feels like we were dropping him off for his first day of preschool just a short time ago.

His final report card is outstanding and we are so proud of him.






It is making a difference

Today a coworker asked me if I meditated, saying ‘you’re just so calm all the time. I need that.’ I let her know that yes, I did meditate every evening for about 10-20 minutes.

I also made sure to be honest, there are still times when I lose my s***. ani-hulk



She asked if I could teach her meditation which of course I agreed to. Providing simple instructions would be safe for her. I am no teacher of course, but I know she would be safe with a simple counting breath practice.

This evening, I thought about her asking me this and upon reflection, I guess it had not really crossed my mind much. I never really had anger issues, but I am happy that I come across as calm and collected (which I’m sure is debatable depending on which of my good friends wants to comment on this one).

Meditation has given me something with nothing more than right effort; it has given me the ability to know me. Sure, I still see my ego getting in the way of things from time to time, but I guess I finally am having a slightly easier time seeing when ego creeps it’s ugly head up. I always thought I was a bit of a pain in the behind at work, but my coworker gave me a different perspective today. I guess it is making a difference.

A fun Father’s Day

Had a great Father’s Day with Dawn and Ian yesterday. I slept in a little, woke up and watched some World Cup, then we went out for the day.

The three of us headed up to Downtown Santa Ana for the Patchwork festival. We had gone last year and really enjoyed it.






After Patchwork, we headed over to Old Town Orange for an early dinner, while we watch the Argentina game.


Then we to ‘Friendly Donuts’ in Orange, a place Dawn had found via their social media presence on Facebook.



On the way home I got to sit in the backseat with Ian and we made a couple silly videos

Perfect day with my wife and son. I’m an incredibly lucky person to be able to be a husband and a dad.