Our life in the Pacific Northwest

Highlights – 2016


Since we’re starting this relaunch of the site in 2019, we thought we’d just catch up some major events.

July 2016

A fun time-lapse video we made on our road trip from Orange County, CA to Portland, OR

Leaving Laguna Niguel
It got pretty hot in some parts of the drive up!
We made it!

August 2016

In August, we found Ian’s people! A great group of Smash Bros players that he quickly made friends with and really enjoyed hanging out with.

September 2016

The first of many games for the Portland Thorns! We’ve made a bunch of friends and really feel like part of the family when we go to games. ❤️

We also watched the dude ride off to school on a bus for the first time!!

November 2016

After moving up to Portland and going fully remote, 3 months later Kris was part of a big layoff at work. Not going to lie, this definitely sucked. Things worked out really well for us though.

December 2016

Snow! Dawn and Ian’s first time seeing snow fall – she was so excited!

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